EU Youth Dialogues in Nantes

A conversation on democracy, politics, ecology, solidarities
IED Event in Nantes, France


On the evening of Friday 10 February, the IED organised the fourth and last chapter of its yearlong project EU Youth Dialogues, in Nantes, in Western France.

This project aims at drawing a partial yet living picture of the current situation of the European younger generations. Based on a conversation between those who have chosen for themselves a path to political commitment, and those who prefer to stay away from politics, the Dialogues invite all participants to share their motives, explore their goals and renew their purposes.

With the precious help on the ground of Alexandra Leuliette and Adrien Baron on behalf, and under the patronage, of French minister for Youth, Sarah El Haïry, also a board member of the IED, 12 young professionals and university students gathered at the Maison de l’Europe de Nantes, for a friendly conversation on democracy, politics, ecology, solidarities and the contemporary challenges for France and Europe.

In their lively exchanges, they presented the encouraging picture of a youngsters that have absorbed and keep outgrowing the cumulative crises hitting them. Concerned about the world and especially about the state of the planet, they pleaded for rekindling the increasingly failing solidarities, whether between generations, or between individuals. With a mixed balance of optimism and realism, they argued for a common effort to mobilise, particularly on the ecological urgencies and the cause of the violence against women, and have a positive and constructive impact on the society, through their professional and personal activities.

Enthusiastically committed to the dialogue and the exchanges amongst citizens of all persuasions, whether politically active as party members or more independently involved in the causes of ecology, gender equality or democracy, they seemed to share a common sense of belonging to a “generation with a task”.

And on this note, our Youth Dialogues project reached its term.


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