One Humanity: An Opportunity for Europe in the New Multilateralism

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In the past century, World Wars brought significant changes in global governance.

The Covid19 pandemic which we are suffering, will cause as well important transformations in the next international order. We can glimpse a new political world architecture based on the One Humanity paradigm.

In this seminar, we will go further on this concept, analysing first the new geo-strategic balance worldwide. From the evolution of multilateralism in the recent context of the Biden Administration, to China's rise to global superpower.

We will also analyse some deep changes happening in our societies, particularly the growth of artificial intelligence.

In this context of profound change, Europe has a huge opportunity to condition the future of our societies and the progress of humanity, from a determined attempt to innovation and intelligence, both, involving individual talent and all humankind.


Session 1 – The new global architecture and the role of the EU

Is the global architecture changing towards increased multilateralism? Are we moving towards more conflict or a more peaceful world? What role is there for the EU in this new world order?

Session 2 – Artificial intelligence, human intelligence and societal change

How are the changes in global order related to the internal transformation of societies? What role does artificial intelligence play in this transformation? Who are the central actors in contemporary dynamics of change?


Maria Luz Suarez Castiñeira
Director of Dept. of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Deusto University

Juan Antonio March
Ambassador, President ONUART Foundation

Mikel Burzako
Chief Executive Officer, Institute of European Democrats


Steffen Bay Rasmussen
Director of Studies, MA Euroculture, Dept. of International Relations, Deusto University

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