Promoting European Heritage and exchanging best practices

IED Study Trip for local leaders, Sardinia, Italy


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Promoting European Heritage and exchanging best practices

Following the Study Trip that took place in November 2018 in Munich dedicated to "Managing Climate Change: Sharing Best Practices", the Institute of European Democrats organized this year a similar Study trip with the aim to stimulate local leaders through learning and knowledge of best practices. This year's Study trip took place in Sardinia from 19 to 22 October and was aimed to better promote the cultural heritage of local constituencies.

The Study trip was designed to allow a delegation of the IED to learn how some cultural operators of the Sardinian territory have equipped themselves to promote the cultural heritage of their territory. It was articulated around a rich programme of meetings with local authorities, visits of cultural sites, sharing of experiences and best practices in the field of sustainable tourism and the promotion of the territory and its historical and cultural heritage.

The presentation of the cultural project Open Monuments was the common denominator of the IED Study trip 2019 in Cagliari. This specific project has evolved over time into a real model of territorial development and the interventions and testimonies during the study trip have made this aspect explicit. The theme of 2019 has initiated a further reflection on the importance of memory and its preservation in the future. The slogan of the current edition of Monumenti Aperti is 'Radici al Futuro' (Roots to the Future).

The participants were particularly impressed by this project and came back to their home countries with the aim to share and reproduce it in their own constituencies.

IED Study Trip to Sardinia 2019
Post-event report
Date: November 2019

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