Russian Disinformation War against Poland and Europe

IED Conference, Warsaw, Poland


IED Event

The Institute of European Democrats together with Fundacja Samorządność i Demokracja organized the international conference titled "Russian Disinformation War against Poland and Europe". The event took place on Friday 23 June 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.

The main purpose of the event was to analyze one of the most controversial phenomenons of today's world - the spreading of disinformation in society. Disinformation can be characterized as false information intended to deceive and mislead public opinion or obscure the truth. Although the disinformation practices have always been present in politics, nowadays they are mainly associated with the attempts of Russia-based hackers to undermine civil society and democratic institutions in Europe and the USA. In particular, the campaign aims to undermine the credibility of the European Union and liberal democracy, spreads fear and hatred, discredits the opponents of the current Russian government and it even tries to influence the results of the national elections as was the case in the recent US and French presidential elections. The investigations of American and European intelligence agencies and cybersecurity companies have many clues to suggest that this extensive international disinformation and hacking campaign is coordinated directly from Kremlin in order to protect and even strenghten the Putin's administration and spread its political impact across Russia's borders. Russian disinformation war is thus a very serious and dangerous activity which directly threatens the EU and liberal democratic order in general. As a result, the EU Members States have to address this issue with great attention and formulate effective tools how to counter it.

The conference was divided into two sessions:

  1. The Methods of the Disinformation War
  2. How to Counterreact against the Disinformation War?

The conference was organized with the financial support of the European Parliament.

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