Post-Truth: Politics and Communication

IED Seminar, Bilbao, Basque Country


IED Event

The Institute of European Democrats together with the Sabino Arana Fundazioa organised the international seminar "Post-Truth: Politics and Communication" The event took place on 7 November in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain, at the seat of the Sabino Arana Foundation.

The seminar welcomed several distinguished speakers who are experts on the communication strategies, journalism, and political communication and branding. This included Juan Antonio Giner, journalist and CEO of INNOVATION, Miquel Urmeneta, journalist and lecturer in communications at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Rafael Suso, Branding, Communication and Strategy Consultant, Marco Ricorda, Digital Identity Manager at ALDE Group of the European Parliament and Carmen Beatriz Fernández, CEO of DataStrategia Consultores. The speakers explained what we can understand under the term "post-truth era", what communication strategies are used nowadays in political campaigns, why information literacy is so important, what impact digital revolution and social media have on journalism, and how we can effectively address the issue of "fake news" in the online platforms.

The event was organised with the financial support of the European Parliament.

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Program of the seminar

Presentation: Juan Antonio Giner - "Journalism and the Digital Challenge" (in Spanish)

Presentation: Miquel Urmeneta - "Has the truth died? The public faced with the post-truth" (in Spanish)

Presentation: Marco Ricorda - "Breaking down the Wall of the Media and Social Media"

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