Facing Citizens' disillusionment with EU policies: the risk of abstention in European elections

IED Conference
Nicosia, Cyprus, 12 May 2014


IED Event

The last event organised by the Institute of European Democrats before the European elections of 22-25 May 2014 was the roundtable discussion on "Facing Citizens' Disillusionment with EU policies: The risk of abstention in European elections".

The event was held in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Monday 12 May 2014 and it was organised in cooperation with the Citizens' Alliance.

The discussions were opened by the welcoming speeches of Yiorgos Lillikas, President of the Citizens' Alliance; Georgios Markopouliotis, Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus; and Giulia Massotti, on behalf of the Institute of European Democrats.

The topics of citizens' disillusionment and democratic deficit were tackled during two consecutive round discussions, focusing both on current problems and future solutions. The fist panel discussion focused on the institutional and democratic aspects, whereas the second panel focused on social and economic aspects. The debate among the panellists representing European and local parties (Luigi Cocilovo; Yiorogs Lillikas), diplomacy (Pericles Nearchou), academia (Micheal Konto; Anna Theologou-Orati; Aris Petasis) and the private sector (Danae Bezantakou) was moderated by François Lafond, member of the IED scientific committee.

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