What to expect from the future of the European Union?

IED Conference
Bratislava, Slovakia, 26 October 2012


IED Event

On Friday October 26, 2012, the Pan-European University of Bratislava hosted the IED seminar of the future of the European Union, co-organized by the foundation and the Európska Demokratická Strana (EDS). On this occasion, students engaged in a lively debate with Professor Marc Luyckx Ghisi, former member of the European Commission’s “Cellule de prospective” created by Jacques Delors in 1989. Following his optimistic keynote speech on the EU as a new paradigm in economics and politics, participants tackled the issues of the economic and financial crisis and the possible scenarios for the European future. The event was characterized by the striking participation of young Europeans both as active participants and as conference speakers.

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