Britain's Relationship with the EU

IED Conference
London, United Kingdom, 11 December 2012


IED Event

Emma Reynolds MP, shadow minister for Europe; Vernon Bogdanor, professor at King's College London and fellow at Brasenose College Oxford; and Francesco Rutelli, Italian politician, discuss the possibility of a Brexit and public opinion on holding a referendum on Europe. They present some of the case for why Britain should stay in the EU, and why calls for a referendum in this parliament are premature.

On the 11th December 2012, the IED co-organized together with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) a very successful event in London on Britain’s relationship with the EU, addressing the eventuality of a referendum on British membership of the European Union.

On this occasion, following the Labour party reiteration of its pro-European credentials while also calling for reform of EU institutions and cuts in the EU budget. IPPR hosted Emma Reynolds MP, Labour’s multilingual shadow Europe minister, who set out Labour’s vision of Britain’s relationship with the EU.

Leading Italian politician and president of the centrist Alliance for Italy, Francesco Rutelli, responded with a European perspective, stressing that, especially in this crucial historical moment, British shouldn’t pull the brakes of the European integration. Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor at the Institute for Contemporary British History of King’s College London, also contributed to the discussion.

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