Energy diplomacy in Europe: what kind of shared future?

IED Seminar
Warsaw, Poland, 10 June 2011


IED Event

The Institute of European Democrats (IED) together with the Paris office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States has organized an international high-level seminar entitled "Energy Diplomacy in Europe: what kind of shared future?" to examine the energy developments and prospects on the European continent. In a lively but obscure context of energy security, energy dependence and pipelines diplomacy decisions, the question of the evolution of the energy panorama in Europe is more than ever a democratic question that has to be scrutinized with the main public and private actors. Could all the European countries be able to play this great game in the same conditions? Does the European Union develop a common, rational, and efficient energy policy? How will the relations between the European Union, Nato and Russia be impacted by the energy variable?

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